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Designer Charoonkit Thahong seems to have cornered the market on retro-futurist Thai establishments, including Highline and Brooklyn’s SEA. His sleek look for roomservice—curving white walls, round white tiles, leather lounge chairs—belies this tiny restaurant’s down-home charm. Kitchen staff often deliver dishes to the tables themselves and then monitor the reactions before retreating with a satisfied smile. They smile a lot. Fare like tamarind-spiked snapper, sharp curries, and spicy-sweet pad Thai arrive expertly cooked and seasoned with ingredients invariably fresh and flavorful. While spices are toned down for Western palates as a rule, the kitchen will gladly crank up the volume. If friendly young servers sense you can handle it, they may even surprise you with off-menu native street food like laab, the pungent fish paste-minced meat mix. Limited desserts include nominally indigenous treats like banana in coconut sauce and an incongruent warm chocolate truffle with vanilla ice cream.

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    Thai Terminal

    Thank you for taking the time to stop by and visit our homepage. We are located in the East Village, NYC. We have years of experience in Thai cuisine.

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    If you have any food allergies, please let us know. Thai food has many ingredients, some of which may not be listed on our menu.

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    We like to provide the same great experience for all of our customers. Feel free to get in touch with us about any special events or reservations.

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Ordered delivery from this place and it's absolutely phenomenal. I define phenomenal as, "I can't stop thinking about it and drooling." So. Yea. I've never actually set foot in the restaurant, so I can't review the in-house dining experience.

"-- Julia C. | Yelp User

I love that this place lets you make reservations for large parties on a weekend despite the tinyness of the place. :)

"-- Tiffany L. | Yelp User

Just came home from a stellar meal at Thai Terminal. Yum! Thai food is the perfect food for this uber hot weather that's been dripping all over my skin lately. Anyways, enough of that.

"-- Samanth C. | Yelp User